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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Aspect Powers

Some people love to give the aspect more power in the game. I like that the rules were written so to allow that flexibility. One way to play with the aspects and fantasy settings, is just to use the aspects to grant the powers. No stunts or skills. If you are a Wizard of the 3rd Order then the aspects should come with all abilities of being a wizard and also being in the 3rd Order. Wizards are known for having to prepare their spells or at least take awhile to cast one. So you can play this in Fate many ways. One way you could do this is when the wizard wants to cast the GM could determine how many successes it takes in a Challenge to achieve that spell. Bob the Wizard of the 3rd Order wants to cast a spell to let him fly for a scene. The GM thinks about the character, setting and situation, then determines that it isn't too much so 1 success against a Fair rating would allow him to do this. He does this on his first try and the next turn he is able to fly. Another way is just to allow Bob to do it. Fate is great at flexibility and we can think of lots of ways to perform things. Keep checking in for things to put in your Fate toolbox.

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