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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Using side systems in Fate

Something I have learned from My FUDGE book is you can tack on other systems. All you have to do is stick it on and translate certain areas. Like a sub-system to only have a certain amount cyborg augmentations before you become a robot. Using this idea you could setup a bar and call it Humanity, this bar would tell you just how much robot you are and how close you are to losing your mind. Lets say you start with a Humanity of 5, then you would gain augmentations that would cost a number of those points to get. The next question would be "What stops me from just using all 5 points?" This is a great question. So now lets figure that out. You could say that every session each player must make 1 Humanity roll against Fair opposition or take a moderate consequence related to the machine trying to take over. The roll would be using the Humanity score like a skill. This example wasn't complicated and adds a bit more drama and tension to the players that want the upgrades. Alright that's it for now and thank you reading and sharing this blog.

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