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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ulfgar Larg

Ulfgar Larg is a dwarven warlock in a general fantasy setting. In this build we will be using Stunt & Extra based magic to build him and refresh at 7 and 0 stunts.

High Concept
Dwarven Badass with a golden heart.

I always see to stick my foot in my mouth.

My warlock powers are for the greater good
I will take just about any job
Determined to stay out of prison

Refresh: 2


  • Superb: Rapport
  • Great: Notice, Empathy
  • Good: Physique, Shoot, Contacts
  • Fair: Investigate, Will, Deceive, Lore
  • Average: Fight, Crafts, Stealth, Drive, Provoke
Stunts & Extras
  • Eldritch Blast (-1 refresh): Use Shoot to make an attack using your warlock powers.
  • Arcane Resistance (-1 refresh): Take 2 less shifts when being attacked by magical attacks.
  • Ghostly Flight (-1 refresh): Pay a Fate point. For the rest of the scene you can fly at the speed you could normally move.
  • Eldritch Boom (-2 refresh): Pay 1 Fate point. Everyone except you in the same zone as you must roll Physique at a Fair opposition or take -2 Shifts.

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